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July 28, 2014
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July 28, 2014
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  Duet, Mushroom 11 among this year's PAX 10 indie finalists
image It's that time again -- the organizers of the 2014 Penny Arcade Expo have once again selected ten indie games to be showcased in free booth space at the annual show in August.
4 Blog: Is 'better' always better?
image "We as game developers are constantly trying to make the best game we can. The problem is that sometimes people forget about the 'we can' part in 'the best game we can.'"
  Get a job: Tripwire seeks an AI Programmer
image The studio responsible for Killing Floor 2 is looking to hire an AI programmer to work on creature and character AI in Tripwire's Roswell, GA offices.
  Inafune advising new $15M investment fund for indie game startups
image VC neophyte Inflexion Point Capital is looking to make its mark on the game business by investing up to $15 million in promising game startups, especially Japanese mobile game makers.
  Video: How to make your games more inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly
image Developers and scholars Zoe Quinn, Samantha Allen, Mattie Brice, Todd Harper and Christine Love offer friendly, practical advice on how you can make your games more inclusive in this GDC 2014 talk.
6 Why game testers should be integrated into development teams
image "Why should almost all game testers be integrated into the development teams, and part of the development process? The short answer is 'complexity' and 'combinatorial explosion.'"
  In-game video streaming and capture come to Raptr
image As video becomes the lingua franca of game communities, Raptr users can now livestream to Twitch and capture video of themselves playing your PC games from within the client.
  Don't Miss: The 2014 Game Developer Salary Survey Exclusive
image Make sure to check out our dedicated page highlighting key stories from Gamasutra's 2014 Game Developer Salary Survey, then download the whole report!
1 Introduction to steering behaviors for AI
image "'What is this entity thinking?' I was always fascinated with this question, and I loved how some triple-A game AIs were able to avoid obstacles... So I began to learn everything about complex AI."
7 This Week in Video Game Criticism: Kim Kardashian Ruins Everything
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics ranging from the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to how we talk about HipHopGamer.
6 The visual guide to multiplayer level design
image This highly visual guide to multiplayer level design, adapted from Ben Bauer's work at Crytek by Firefall designer Bobby Ross, gives you a grounding in how team-based shooters work.
11 When a successful studio gets backlash for announcing a new game
image "Our strategy at the moment is to hire talented people to make the games they want to play." - Facepunch founder Garry Newman responds to criticism about his studio's latest game Riftlight.
4 The Walking Dead sells 28M episodes, third season on the way
image After the success of its narrative-driven adventure game series The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has confirmed that a third season is on the way.
4 Could overcoming game challenges combat anxiety?
image After overcoming a challenge in Guacamelee, one developer asks: "Could you successfully improve peoples ability to focus and concentrate by playing challenging side-scrolling platform brawlers?"
10 Why I made a game engine (in HTML5)
image "I was most excited about creating my own game engine because I wanted to know everything that was going on under the hood."
12 Restructuring and squatting: The latest Kickstarter debacle
image There's trouble brewing for another video game Kickstarter campaign, as a developer has postponed work on his funded game, and subsequently been accused of squatting in a Californian condo.
8 Are developers actually paying for YouTuber and press coverage? Exclusive
image Here's what we know: The ethics of paying for YouTuber and press coverage of your game are rather blurred, and become more and more so as revenue share programs and FTC rules come into play.
39 'Who are your game dev heroes?'
image Games inspire us to make games, but so do the people behind them. Here are inspirational developers, as selected by our Twitter followers.
  Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto leaves company
image The company names senior tech staffer Remi Driancourt as leader of its Luminous Studio engine development project as it seeks a successor.
1 Microsoft signs promotional deal with China Telecom for Xbox One
image 30 million broadband subscribers will be offered a chance to purchase the console as part of their internet service packages when it goes on sale in China in September.
  Video: The enduring legacy of EA_Spouse
image In this GDC 2013 talk the 'EA_Spouse' herself, Erin Hoffman, looks back on how conversations about work-life balance in the game industry since 2004, and what it all might mean for the future.
  Kuju launches equity crowdfunding effort for UK game studio startups
image UK-based independent studio (Art Academy, Zumba series) is booting up a 300,000 ($509,415) fund to back a "portfolio of studios" and help them find success.
2 Samsung bets mobile games will be big on TV with BlueStacks investment
image Samsung Ventures has contributed an undisclosed amount to GamePop manufacturer BlueStack's latest fundraising round, suggesting the microconsole may soon come to Samsung hardware.
  Get a job: Crystal Dynamics is hiring a Producer
image The developer of the Tomb Raider reboot is looking to hire a producer with project management experience on the developer side to work on AAA projects in its Redwood City, CA office.
34 Don't Miss: Overcoming Impostor's Syndrome
image "You realize that you dont deserve to be here. You do not belong. You see amazing, talented people with more experience and talent, and you know you arent qualified to work in their industry."

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08 Studios
08 Studios 08 Studios is a US based game and art production company founded by veterans from the video game and film industries. Allow our experienced teams create your next game. Contact us today!
ADIA Entertainment Ltd.
ADIA Entertainment Ltd. Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
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Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio is an young entertainment design firm specializing in concept art and other art production services. Our artists have worked on many AAA title games from top studios.
SomaTone Interactive Inc.
SomaTone Interactive Inc. SomaTone Interactive (STi) is the leading provider of premium music, sound design, voice-over, and audio integration services for gaming and interactive entertainment companies. With over 1000 games to our credit over our 10 year history, including top s
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Technicolor Game Services
AXION STUDIOS Ltd. We are located in Hong Kong and providing the best Digital Art with guaranteed quality services for the game industry around the world.
Principle Audio
Principle Audio Principle Audio - young and ambitious outsourcing company, sound design for games. We are engaged in casual, social games, games for iOS, Android. Some of our projects: Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Tap the Frog, Mirrors of Albion, Starborn Wandereres.

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